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Dr. Gunitskiy's goal is to create dentures that are comfortable, affordable, high quality and discreet.


Dentures could be metal based or acrylic devices to replace missing teeth.

Dr. Gunitskiy in many cases provides immediate dentures when extractions of all remaining teeth is necessary 

Even an experienced dentist using innovative equipment and materials cannot always save a bad tooth. Thus, we have to remove it. At Gunitskiy Family Dentistry our mission is to help make your smile healthy again. All the time we help people, young or old to restore or replace teeth with dentures.

All dentures differ in terms of indications, cost and installation complexity.

The removable denture structure is held due to the suction or "gluing" effect with special denture pastes.

  • complete removable prosthetics

  • partially removable prosthetics

  • conditionally removable prosthetics

In order not to get confused in the number of types and range of dental prosthetics, you need to come for a consultation with Dr. Gunitskiy. At Gunitskiy Family Dentistry you will receive a complete and qualified answer to any question, and you will also be informed about what you do not know to ask. 


Different types of dentures have different indications for use - from cosmetic restoration and restoration of a part of an individual tooth to complete replacement of the missing dentition. Removable dentures are divided into full removable and partially removable

Complete removable dentures

Complete removable dentures include dentures that consist of a plastic base and artificial teeth. They are used in the complete absence of teeth on the jaw. Modern technologies make it possible to manufacture partial removable denture constructions from lightweight and durable materials that retain high aesthetics and are extremely comfortable for patients. 

Partial removable dentures

Partial removable dentures include clasp dentures (hooks) and attachments (locks) , as well as dentures with a plastic base . They are used in the absence of some groups of teeth. They are comfortable to wear and easy to get used to.

The most convenient are clasp prostheses and Valplast prostheses, their basis is a metal frame or Valplast frame, respectively, which gives strength to the prosthesis and at the same time allows to reduce the boundaries of the basis of the prosthesis to maintain temperature, tactile and taste sensitivity and clarity of diction, in other words, it is less in the mouth and it's easier to get used to.

The main stages of dental prosthetics

  • First consultation. The patient is getting ready for prosthetics. For this, casts are taken, which will be useful for the production of crowns.

  • Drawing up a treatment plan. To do this, the doctor looks at a panoramic image. At this stage, the plan and dates of the clinic visit are agreed with the patient. He also makes a number of his requirements. After that, the cost of dental prosthetics is announced.

  • Making dentures in a special laboratory.

  • Fitting and installation of the implant.

  • Correction (if necessary) and acceptance of work.

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