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Laughing Gas (nitrous oxide) is safe and effective for most children and adults


Dr. Gunitskiy will use laughing gas in appropriate cases, to help you or your child have a pleasant and stress-free dental experience.

At Gunitskiy Family Dentistry we all work hard as team to create a relaxing and approachable environment, building a real relationship with all our patients.

We want all of our patients to feel comfortable discussing their treatments, worries and concerns with us. We are proud and delighted for all our patients who complete their dental journey.

Are you afraid of the dentist? 

Does a dental phobia prevent you from undergoing the dental care you need or want? Here at Gunitskiy Family Dentistry, we are working hard to help many of our patients conquer their fears and gain their dream smile.

Do you suffer with dental anxiety? Please know that you are not alone. At Gunitskiy Family Dentistry we are sympathetic to how serious this can be, and want to ensure we work to remove this barrier to achieving optimum dental health. We have already helped thousands of nervous patient undergo the dental care they want and need. We are also proud to have many patients that started off needing sedation, yet now feel comfortable to undergo dental care without it, due to the relaxing environment and great relationship we have formed.

Relaxing environment

Even on your consultation day, Dr. Gunitskiy and his team ensure a relaxing and comforting environment that is free from judgment or pressures. Dr. Gunitskiy will ensure that we have the time to discuss and alleviate your concerns and worries.

Laughing gas (coming soon...)

Laughing gas is commonly used in pediatric dentistry and for adults to help cope with procedures they may otherwise struggle with. It is a mild sedative gas that is delivered through a nose piece. As well as reducing anxiety, laughing gas also has a mild analgesic (pain relief) effect. This means it is excellent for use in dental procedures.

Laughing gas has safely been used for many years in medical and dental procedures. Prior to using laughing gas sedation, Dr. Gunitskiy will review your or your child’s medical history, answer any questions you may have and also go through some fasting instructions. This is because some patients can feel nauseous when they receive laughing gas.

Oral sedation

For oral sedation, a pill is usually given 1 one before the appointment. Once this pill is take it will produce a relaxed state, meaning you will no longer be bothered about the treatment that is being carried out. The fantastic additional benefit of pill is that it has amnesic properties, so most people will not remember much of the appointment. It is a safe drug which protects your reflexes and responses. All these benefits create a pleasant environment, which can hopefully make you feel more comfortable about coming for future appointments.

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