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Sealants are excellent protection against cavities. In addition to brushing, flossing and fluoride, they protect teeth from the need for future restorations.


oral cancer screening: currently in Canada, more cases of oral cancer are diagnosed in a year than cervical or ovarian cancer, 

Dr. Gunitskiy will assess your periodontal health and identify conditions such as periodontal disease that may need additional treatment.

Dr. Gunitskiy undertakes all general dental treatment and preventative care. Dr. Gunitskiy uses modalities such as laughing gas to provide comfortable treatments even to the most nervous patients.

For specialist treatment, he believes it is best to be seen by a specialist. This is somebody who performs this treatment day in and day out, and has completed additional schooling in a specialty.


Therefore, where specialist treatment is recommended, Dr. Gunitskiy will refer you to a specialist that Dr. Gunitskiy feels excels in their field. Dr. Gunitskiy and his team will liase between you the patient and the specialist to ensure you receive the best possible care and treatment.


Second Opinions

Dr. Gunitskiy is very happy to provide independent second opinions or the opportunity to discuss treatment plans without any commitment to join Dr. Gunitskiy's care.


Dr. Gunitskiy and his team are highly passionate about changing the way you feel about your smile. It is his job to find the best way of getting you smiling with confidence again. Dr. Gunitskiy has many different methods of improving your smile, from crowns to dentures and everything in-between. He will be there every step of the way to ensure that you are completely satisfied. 


White Fillings

White fillings are not only much better looking than silver or gold but you only need one visit to complete the treatment. If you have cavities in your teeth then Dr. Gunitskiy can simply fill these with a strong type of plastic called composite. It is quick and easy but can make a huge difference to your smile.



Simply put, crowns are covers for your teeth. Modern crowns look very realistic, just like a real tooth and can be a great alternative to broken teeth or old unsightly crowns. It only takes two appointments to complete the treatment. Each crown takes about 1-2 weeks to be created in the laboratory meaning that in just a matter of weeks your smile can be drastically improved.



Veneers are either porcelain or composite covers used to change the colour or alter the shape of your teeth to give you the best possible smile. Mostly veneers can be bonded directly to your teeth but in some instances your tooth surface may need to be abraised to provide a more effective bond. 

Composite veneers can be made directly whilst you are in the chair, whereas porcelain veneers require approximately 1 week to be made.  However, in the meantime we will provide you with a temporary veneer to ensure your smile is improved straight away.


Root Therapy

Cosmetic dentistry doesn’t just improve appearances as it can actually help to take away pain too. For example, inside all teeth is something called pulp, this contains nerves and the blood vessels that supply each tooth.  If decay reaches the pulp or the tooth has been injured the pulp may die and this can cause pain or swelling. 

This can be fixed with Root Therapy. It simply involves cleaning out the pulp chamber and removing the root of the tooth.  Dr. Gunitskiy will fill it with a special rubber material to prevent pain or swelling in the future. If this is the kind of cosmetic dentistry you need then you will be happy to know that it is a relatively quick procedure. 



Cosmetic dentistry works wonders for people in pain and in need of an extraction. Extractions are there to remove badly injured or infected teeth as well as to aid in the movement of other teeth.



Cosmetic dentistry implants can be used to replace missing teeth and consist of two parts.

The first is a titanium attachment that is placed in the bone of the upper or lower jaw.

Once this has been attached to the bone the second part can then be inserted. This is usually a crown or bridge that gives the appearance of a healthy tooth. Modern implants have a very high success rate and are a fantastic way of achieving that perfect smile you have always wanted. Dr. Gunitskiy will refer you to a specialist that he feels excels in the field of implants.



Bridge(s) are a very intelligent way of replacing missing teeth as they do this by using teeth on either side of the gap. A bridge can be attached to just one tooth one either sides of the missing teeth.  These are fixed and are not normally removable from the mouth. Due to how impressive these are, many people choose to have this procedure.



Dr. Gunitskiy's goal is to create dentures that are comfortable and discreet. They are metal based or acrylic devices to replace missing teeth. Sometimes called a palate, this can either have a clasp that grips on to remaining teeth or an acrylic extension that covers the roof of your mouth to hold the denture in place. They are very stable and usually allow eating and speaking with no issues.

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