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Correction of occlusion in the presence of appropriate indications today is possible at any age.


Crowding (excessive proximity) of teeth and other orthodontic problems interfere with normal oral hygiene. As a result, there is plaque and tartar, increased risks of caries & periodontitis

Occlusion disorders and / or abnormal positions of the teeth accelerate their wear. In addition to the aesthetic problem, it causes excessive sensitivity to cold or hot food & sweet.

Teeth Straightening

A perfect smile isn’t just about improving your appearance; it’s about improving your self confidence and improving your happiness. Dr. Gunitskiy can help you get the smile with confidence you have always dreamt of. When it comes to teeth straightening, Dr. Gunitskiy will provide you with a bespoke and unique service based completely on your personal requirements that will suit your budget. If braces are required to straighten the teeth, Dr. Gunitskiy will refer you to an orthodontist in your area. 

White Bonding

White bonding is the perfect finishing touch to your teeth straightening. Dr. Gunitskiy simply uses white fillings made from composite (a strong plastic) to replicate your natural tooth colour, this then corrects small chips or cracks in your front teeth. They can also offer a better-looking alternative to gold or silver fillings in your back teeth. Not only this, but they can also be completed in just one visit. A fantastic, quick and long lasting way to improve your smile.



If you are looking for the best possible teeth straightening, then you can’t go wrong with porcelain or composite veneers. They boast a complete solution for teeth straightening. Dr. Gunitskiy will bond the veneers directly to your teeth, either straight away for composite veneers or approximately within a week for porcelain veneers. If you do choose this option, you will be amazed at how great your teeth will look.



Looking to improve both the strength and appearance of your smile? Then a Crown is the perfect thing for you. Dr. Gunitskiy will prepare you teeth, take an impression and send your crown to be made in laboratory. Within just two appointments you can enjoy an incredibly realistic and straight smile. Also used to hide an original cracked tooth or unsightly older crowns, these expertly crafted, modern crowns are sure to get you smiling with confidence again.

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