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Gunitskiy Family Dentistry is pleased to provide you with this exclusive dental warranty protection policy which is designed to help our patients maintain optimal oral health.

As you can see, our approach to dental care is a bit different. We want you to have a piece of mind about your dental treatments, therefore here at our clinic we guarantee that we only use the newest and the highest quality materials available to provide ethical, reliable and long-lasting treatment. Rarely, a dental clinic will have a written policy or offer a guarantee on it’s work. We do it because we believe you are making the choice of a reputable clinic that will guarantee our work. We want you to feel our treatment is worth what you are investing.


We warrant comprehensive dental procedures from the date of insertion. We will repair or replace them at no-charge to you if they break, are fractured, or deteriorate with normal use. (This warranty does not cover accidents that could also damage normal, healthy teeth).


We guarantee the success of our treatment even if you choose to not come for regular check-up and hygiene appointments, which means all work rendered at our office is warrantied. For our exclusive extended guarantee period, you will be asked to keep your scheduled hygiene appointments with us (which will be discussed with you) during the term of this extended warranty period.

That being said, Gunitskiy Family Dentistry is committed to provide you with advice and treatment options even past any warranty time. Our thorough treatment planning process reflects a great considerations of what we determine will work with the goal of you being able to maintain your teeth with as little issues as possible.

Fixed restorations: 3 years Extended Guarantee (1.5 years Basic Guarantee)

This area covers veneers, crowns, inlays, onlays and bridge work.

You may need to have a night-guard made if you have a predisposition for grinding and clenching but this would be on the treatment plan.

Movement of teeth with fixed restorations may occur in certain circumstances and this something nobody wants. All final cementation of all crowns and bridges (especially on implants) are carefully evaluated for the possibility of teeth movement. At the time of seating all restorations, a floss check will be done with you to ensure the crowns were placed with no apparent gaps or spacing.



White or Silver Fillings – 2 years Extended Guarantee (1 year Basic Guarantee)

These materials in general have a less lifespan in some cases because they are not as strong as crowns, inlays or onlays


Implant Dental Guarantee: 4 years Extended Guarantee (1 year Basic Guarantee)

We will guarantee our implants 100% for a period of 4 years as long as you attend your regular hygiene appointments. The reason why it is so important to visit your hygienist regularly is because oral hygiene plays a key role in the implant survival rate and most failure cases are related to peri-implantitis (inflammation of the gums around the implant). The hygiene of implants and the implant supported prosthesis must be maintained daily. It is important for the patient to continue with to proper home care techniques as well as adhering to a supportive maintenance program. 

Pre-existing conditions as Diabetes, Smoking habits, Osteoporosis, case complexity, patient’s ability to heal and form a union with the implant and the load of force in which one chews food all affect implant survival rate. Nevertheless, cases will be covered unless we inform you in writing that the case cannot be guaranteed but you would like to proceed nevertheless. Conditions which have less favorable prognosis but you should be aware include:

  1. Extensive bone grafting required

  2. Smoking / chewing tobacco / cigars is heavy

  3. Immune disease, diabetes, several bone condition

  4. Undiscovered health issues such as high cholesterol or Vitamin D insufficiency

However, in the event changes in your medical history or smoking arises, we will be unable to use this guarantee if these health changes impact your body’s immune function. Notably, new serious health issues and/or changes in your immune system or autoimmunity are rare but there are numerous documented cases leading dental implants to fail.

We do require that the implant teeth crowns should:​

  1. Have a bite-splint made to protect crowns from ceramic fracture during the night

  2. Retainers to prevent spaces opening next to implant teeth in patients who are susceptible to teeth movement


Dentures – 2 Years Extended Guarantee (1 year Basic Guarantee)

Removable Prosthesis such as partial or full dentures carry a 3 year Extended warranty for replacement for breakage. Dentures can be maintained properly and last much longer. If you have an overdenture or implant supported device regular maintenance is required because these devices need periodic adjustment and change of parts (we can support). These parts such as clips and attachments need annual replacement in some cases. Accidental drops or breakage due to abuse are not covered.



Root Canal Treatments  – Unfortunately we cannot cover root canal treatments:

Root canal therapy can be expected to provide a lasting outcome for a tooth and therefore typically makes an excellent choice, however there are many reasons outside of the dentist's control why root canal treatments may fail. 

1. Unfilled accessory and lateral canals: An accessory canal is any branch of one of a root's main canals that leads off to its own exit point on the root's surface. it's common that the division of the canal isn't identified (they typically aren't observed on x-rays). Even when detected, it may be difficult, or even impossible, for the dentist to adequately treat (clean, shape, fill) the branch.

2. Cracked roots: Cracks that extend into a tooth's root can be colonized by bacteria. But unlike root canals that can be cleaned and sealed off, there's no way to treat the minute spaces created by cracks.

3. Preoperative tooth pathology: A tooth's initial status may play a role in the ultimate success or failure of its endodontic work. One such concern involves teeth that have a "periapical radiolucent lesion". These types of lesions may continue to harbor bacteria despite the successful completion of the tooth's root canal treatment. If so, this (external to the tooth) locus of infection will be a persistent irritant to the surrounding tissues

In less than 3% of the time, root canal treatment after having a tooth/teeth prepared for crown and/or bridgework may occur. Here at Gunitskiy Family Dentistry we use measures to prevent it’s occurrence such as the use of specialized low heat tools that are less likely to have this occur.  Dr. Gunitskiy adheres to strict preparation design and will inform if the risk is higher than 3%. Root canals will not be covered if this occurs because this is part of what happens in dentistry.

Take Advantage of Our Comprehensive Treatment Guarantee in London, ON. Call Us Now

Terms and Conditions:

Gunitskiy Family Dentistry asks that you return to a dental clinic a minimum of once every 9 months for an check-up to qualify for the Extended Guarantee period. 


General Exclusions

There are some exclusions for this warranty:

  • In the event of poor oral hygiene or appearance or poor gum disease (periodontitis) or dental cavity management which causes the deterioration of the teeth occurs;

  • Accidental breakage such as dropping the denture;

  • Serious general illness or long term hospitalization occurring that has negative effects on the dental condition (for example diabetes, epilepsy, osteoporosis, high cholesterol, cancer or chemotherapy);

  • If the dentists’ instructions are not followed (for example not wearing dentures / nightguard during the night).

  • If we recommend against a treatment or explain that longevity cannot be guaranteed but the patient would like to proceed nevertheless.


Using Our Guarantee is Simple:

Simply contact our office and let us know what happened. We will schedule you an appointment and address your concern.

Terms and condition
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